Career Profile

I’m a Data Engineer but first of all I’m a Scala/Java developer.

My academic training was mainly focused on the analysis, design, implementation and management of information systems with significant reference to Big Data. This combined with my thirst for knowledge allowed me to excel in Data Engineering field.

I started my career 6 years ago in Rome (Italy) as a data engineer, working with open source technologies such as Hadoop, Spark and HBase, using Hortonworks Data Platform. In recent years, to pursue my dream, I moved from my hometown to Switzerland in order to expand my knowledge in cloud services such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

My experience with big data tools, NoSQL databases and batch and stream-processing systems allowed me to build infrastructures for optimal extraction, transformation, and loading of data from a wide variety of data sources.

In my spare time, I keep studying both to enhance my main knowledge and to open up to new libraries/technologies, aiming to become Head of data engineering.


Data Platform Engineer

Nov. 2017 - Present Group

I mainly deal with big data management on Google Cloud Platform.

I contributed to the development of a realtime ingestion from Pub/Sub events to Cloud Storage using Akka Stream, processing 30k+ events per second. I also contributed to the development of several batch ingestions in Scala (using Akka Actors) to bring data from Cloud Storage to Vertica using different formats (CSV, JSON, AVRO, ORC, PARQUET).

I built a Spark job to anonymize more than 2 billions of sensible data massively due to GDPR.

I developed several Scala programs to pull data from heterogeneous sources: API Rest, SFTP, Amazon S3 bucket, Google bucket.

Data Engineer

Sep. 2015 - Oct. 2017
Key to Business

For a telco customer I was the responsible for the design, installation and the maintenance of Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) on Dell EMC Isilon.

I built a near real-time ingestion using Hadoop to store 25M+ rows per minute on Apache HBase about signals of mobile users and the ISTAT open maps informations.

I created a multi-tenant platform where clients can filter previous information to create dashboards with sliding-window heatmaps indicating the movement of all the people in the italian territory.

CTO & Co-founder

Jan. 2015 - Jul. 2015

IdSoul is an app that allows children to play on their tablet having their own favourite toy as the main character of a videogame.

Responding to the demand for physical interaction joint to digital gaming, IdSoul positions itself in the market of ‘toys to life’ together with Disney Infinity, Activision Skylanders and Lego Dimensions. But it adds the maximum of customization: just catch the supplied wearable patch with the camera to bring children’s toys to life.

Skills & Proficiency

Google Cloud Platform





Shell Scripting


Functional Programming